End of an Era, Start of an Adventure.


Saying goodbye is never easy.

Over the past fourteen months I’ve found myself re-immersed in things I loved but had put away on a shelf for a long while. I started having different conversations with friends who were going through similar transitions and pondering the same thoughts about where life is headed. What’s happening next.

Since graduating from university, I have worked. And worked and worked. Work – in the corporate sense – has been a huge part of my life, sometimes to the detriment of my overall balance and happiness. This realization often only becomes apparent long after I’ve reached ‘slightly’ frazzled.

Or missed important opportunities and moments to live.

So when our landlord let us know that he needed to sell the house we have been living in since October due to his own unfortunate personal circumstances, we decided it was a good time to take a step back and really think about what we want to do in six months…two years..and eventually who we want to be.

This turned into a hunt across Vancouver to figure out a new home for the the two of us plus the kitties, Harley and four chickens. No small feat. The search expanded and changed and some how a house on a 300 acre farm six hours and four ferry rides from our current abode appeared on the screen. (…)

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