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Whooooa…We’re Half Way There

August 17, 2015

It’s officially mid-way through the month and I’m officially into the third trimester for baby #2. Thank goodness we’re not stressing about harvesting, canning, preserving and all the other ‘ings’ that typify this season…instead, there’s just the pesky detail of moving farms across islands to contend with.

Between the two of us, I’m certainly more of the planner but by no means do I have it all worked out. However, with the various intricacies and pieces that need to fall into place at specific times…so far, I’m feeling rather proud of how we’ve been able to rise up. Myself as the planner/coordinator extrordinaire and Scott¬†for endlessly putting up with my stage direction while simultaneously spearheading the layout and design of our initial homestead clearing.

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