Isla Bean: Nine Months Old

December 23, 2014

Someone along the way said to me that you don’t really understand how rapidly time passes until you have kids.

This pretty much describes my life. Somehow this kid has sprouted up into a chatterbox always on the move, seemingly overnight.

She signs for milk, diaper change and seems to understand cat, dog, more, food and water…sometimes. Inquisitive. Always observing. Loves loves loves meat, sweet potatoes, mango, and oranges.

Can’t get enough of oranges.

It’s an incredible experience getting to know this little person. Looking back at photos from just a few short months ago and thinking: “How did this happen? You’re still you, but you’re so much more you than you were!”

Nine months. No teeth, cheeks for weeks and curls that absolutely refuse to behave.

I hope she always lets them misbehave. Just a little bit.



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