Managing The Herd & Flock Through Chaotic Times

August 6, 2015

We’re six days into this month and so far have made some substantial headway toward successfully accomplishing all that has to happen this year, but there is still a long list of things that must fall into order. Quickly. Ever little piece of the puzzle that locks into place feels like a blessing worth a formal celebration. Delays and hiccups, such as ferry traffic (this is the height of tourist season after all) must be taken in stride otherwise this month will surely kill us.

It helps to take regular moments to evaluate and love our animals. Ensure they aren’t forgotten or unintentionally neglected while we’re distracted by the 5000 other things going on at any given time. The thousands of baby tomatoes will likely be sacrificed but the time and effort (and money) we’ve put into the 50 bird, fifteen goats, three dogs and two cats that currently grace this land…they still deserve our time and love. This is just what you do. Otherwise, you have no business with these animals.



And so, we’ll continue to make time for these walks. We’ll spend the money getting outside help where we can so that our time isn’t always spent off property, away from our current homestead. We’ll invite (and reward with tremendous gratitude, brownies and wine) help – this week in the form of my younger sister, Michelle….who’s making a it a lot more possible to put a dent into this to-do list and not lose our minds – or a few animals – in doing so. We’ll take the time to trim hooves, fill up mineral bowls and ensure no one’s getting edged out too much or too often from their fair share of food.

This moment will pass, these stresses will subside and soon we will be home. Until then, one day at a time.

OH. One more thing. I’ve started a page with a running tally of our expenses as we build our homestead. Where this will end up, not sure just yet – but for now, it’s a helpful way for us to see what we’re investing to get running. Spoiler alert: It’s not cheap.




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