New Faces, New Names, New Goals

April 12, 2015

Has it nearly been two months? Was my daughter really a baby not quite a toddler the last time I logged in? Oh dear.

Well, we missed March. And by that I mean the farm, the work, the celebrations of Isla turning one, the trip to Toronto, the trip to Salmon Arm, the…oh March was busy.

I don’t desire or miss this level of busy.

The busy that leaves you contentedly exhausted at the end of the day I can handle. The hamster wheel of neverending to-dos and always feeling rushed and/or out of time…that’s the cycle I try to avoid but in March it was not to be so.

We brought home a new goat.

We said goodbye to some chickens.

We got Freya a puppy of her very own.

We watched as Isla wobbled those first few steps (we only get a few at the time, then giggle fits overtake our little and she can’t help but gently tumble down).

We braced ourselves for the snow only known to our former Toronto selves. Even so, we were not prepared.

We welcomed our early Spring.

We were overly ambitious with frost dates (RIP broccoli).

We decided to put land purchases on hold.

We instead put a deposit down on 32 foot trailer that will hold our home. Our home. That feels good to write.

We continued plotting for the future.

We have nearly dispersed our unregistered herd of goats.

We celebrated the birth of two of the rockstar three bucklings in the US that will come home to our farm this summer.

We closed out old projects, kicked off new projects and started to reorganize our days and nights to better suit ‘us time’, ‘Isla time’ and ‘computer time’. Oh, plus garden/chicken/goat time.

There’s so much more, but rather than trying to remember it all, I’ll just say that March was exciting, overwhelming and busy. Too busy. April hasn’t been much better but perhaps over the next couple of weeks we’ll change that. Just in time for the garden to really kick into high gear.

Then it’s possible I’ll wish it was lazy ol’ March again.

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