Why We’re Here

December 10, 2014


It’s not just because of her.

We were here long before – well, a little less than two years before – she appeared before us.

But she’s a big reason why we tough it out. Why this is worth it. How we set our goals and what we’re looking for.

I want to give this girl an appreciation for animals. Hard work. The outdoors.

A pony.

(if she wants a pony.)


It’s so easy – too easy – to get caught up in work. To-do’s. Deliverables. Most days are a constant struggle between “I need to do this” and “I’m missing out.”


I don’t expect that feeling to go away. But I do want more. More time with her. For her. More time outside. More time to explore.

Perhaps simply by proximity…we’ll offer more of this. Less of what drove us out of the city. A balance that creates a child – a person – with a healthy respect for the little things in life. Without being small minded.

Is that too much to ask?

The ways in which this little being has wiggled her way into my heart and soul is both a struggle and a blessing. I can’t be my old self. I must be my best me in order to match the expectations I have for myself as her mum. Which doesn’t necessarily mean doing much, but it does mean making the right choices and prioritizing the things that truly matter in life.

And so…we farm.


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  • Reply Saleem December 12, 2014 at 1:06 am

    The only way to know if Isla wants a pony is to try it. I recommend this: 🙂

    • Reply rachel December 12, 2014 at 7:48 am

      LOL as cute as it would be, mini horses aren’t built for carrying babes. 🙂 Give it 2-3 years though…a slightly bigger pony will most certainly appear “just to see”. 😉

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