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The Most Impatient Knitter In The World

January 14, 2015

The first knitting project I attempted was back in 2009.

A bright magenta super bulky scarf that somehow got wider as I unintentionally added stitches, dropped stitches thereby creating sizable gaps/holes and impressive gauge discrepancies throughout the garment.

But it was such a pretty colour and the action – once I figured it out – was addictive. So addictive.

I kept knitting until the yarn supply started running low then tried to figure out how to cast off. It intimidated me. Maybe I didn’t want the project to finish? For such an incredibly mangled accessory-to-be, I to this day can’t figure out why I made such a precious big deal about trying to cast off perfectly.

Well, perfect wasn’t in the cards. After picking up and putting down the project for a few weeks I finally did what any sane, rational grown up woman would do.

Oh you were thinking I might YouTube a video tutorial? Drop into a yarn store and ask for help?

No of course not, I sabotaged it. Yanked out the oversize needle and quickly tied it up at the end so it wouldn’t unravel.

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